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Trends in digital transformation

02 Apr 2021  |  Digital Innovation

From exciting ideas for connected products to innovations in materials and processes, technology is impacting all aspects of manufacturing. Digital transformation has the potential to disrupt every area of operation: from practical application and infrastructure changes in systems that streamline the supply chain and increase employee and partner productivity, to visionary new customer experiences and business models. But what is the reality of digital transformation in today’s manufacturi ...


Similarity Check

10 Mar 2021  |  INDIRE Updates

It is my pleasure to announce that we have implemented an integrated similarity check system. With this new tool, we will be able to verify for plagiarism and ensure the sustainability of our high quality peer review process and published articles.  Let me stress that our goal with the similarity check is to provide accurate feedback to authors and help them enhance their submission by making their own work better reflected in the article. With this newly integrated tool, we ...


Predictions for IoT in 2025

15 Dec 2020  |  Internet of Things - IoT

According to Machina Research (who was recently bought by Gartner), there will be tremendous growth of IoT in terms of global connections, revenue forecast, data generation and cars connected. This link gives you a good graphics. Although this forecast was done around 2 to 3 years ago, it is interesting to wonder how this forecast may have changed due to COVID.  


First Annual Conference

07 Dec 2020  |  INDIRE Updates

Our first INDIRE conference is facing COVID challenges just like all other conferences. First INDIRE Annual Conference will be held in last week of July 2022. We do not want to make our conferences virtual since our programming includes many activities that require physical presence. Although we are a fully digital organization, we aim to innovate in that respect. Such innovation include videotaping of presentations and accepted journal articles, virtual research collaboration, research ag ...


Commercial Aviation Outlook Report - Boeing

07 Oct 2020  |  Outlook/Forecast

This is a great report. I wonder if they considered digital innovations in the aviation sector and how that would influence the numbers. Great opportunity to study the impact of digital innovation and transformation on the growth of the aviation sector. Boeing Aviation Outlook Report


Animation of most popular websites 2013-2020

18 Sep 2020  |  Digital Innovation

This is a very interesting animation of website popularity over the years. The animation can be used to extract data for research purposes as well as provides valuable information on the digital innovation phenomenon.


Digital Business: It’s time for CIOs to lead or get out of the way

16 Sep 2020  |  Digital Innovation

This is a typical old times from dot com boom mantra: Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way. Great presentation and very informative data.


Reengineering for humans

26 May 2020  |  Artificial Intelligence

76% of executives agree that organizations need to dramatically reengineer the experiences that bring technology and people together in a more human-centric manner.” (  See video here.


Writing to publish

25 May 2020  |  Writing Scientific Article

This seems to be an interensting free course on writing an article for publication. If you do take it, please email us back with your feedback.


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