Adding use of generative AI in guidelines

26 Oct 2023  |  INDIRE Updates

Dear members of INDIRE, the guidelines have been updated to include instructions on the use of generative AI. The guideline is as follows:


Using generative AI and AI-assisted technologies in your paper submitted to INDIRE

(This includes journals, conferences, and all other publications)


Note: Manuscript, paper, and article are used interchangeably.

Our policy on the use of generative AI and AI-assisted technologies is part of our continuous oversight and improvement towards increasing transparency by guiding authors, readers, reviewers, and editors and maintaing the highest level of research ethics.  

Since this area is continuously evolving, INDIRE will continue to monitor developments and will adjust or refine the policy as we adapt with our digital world. Primarily, we will follow best practices established by the world scientific community.

We specify that the policy herein refers to the preparation, submission, and publishing of papers/articles and therefore it is focused on the writing and publishing process. We do not make policy regarding the use of AI tools. In essence, AI tools should not be used for key authoring tasks such as interpretation, scientific production, methodology, pedagogy, extracting insights, drawing scientific conclusions, or providing recommendations. Since AI tools can be misleading, inaccurate, incomplete, or biased, the authors bear the ultimate responsibility and accountability for the content in their papers.  

As such, authors are required by INDIRE to disclose in their manuscript/paper the use of AI and AI-assisted technologies and a statement will appear in the published work to maintain transparency and trust between all stakeholders.

Based on the above, INDIRE considers authors as the generators of the article content (hence responsible and accountable to the content: accuracy, integrity, originality, and approval of work) and therefore should not list AI and AI-assisted technologies as an (co-)author, nor cite AI.

INDIRE does not accept figures, images and artwork generated by generative AI and AI-assisted tools.

Any use of generative AI and AI-assisted tools must be described such that they can be reproduced. This should be included in the methods section.

INDIRE reserves the right to request from authors to provide pre-AI-adjusted versions of content for editorial assessment.

INDIRE asks authors who have used AI or AI-assisted tools to insert a statement at the end of their manuscript immediately above the references or bibliography as follows:

Declaration of AI and AI-assisted technologies

The authors acknowledge the use of AI and AI-assited technologies in the writing process of this article. The tools/services used are: [NAME of TOOLs / SERVICEs].  The tools/services were used in the following fashion (details in methodology section): [Explain briefly HOW and the REASONs]. After using these tools/services, the author(s) declare that they reviewed and edited the content as needed and take(s) full responsibility for the content of the publication.

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