INDIRE 2022 - 1st annual conference in GREECE

18 Nov 2021  |  INDIRE Updates
It brings me pleasure to announce to you that the details to the first INDIRE conference 2022 to be held in Greece are finalized.
A forum where I would like to encourage all voices to share their research and applied works in relation to our digital world and how it is effecting humans and humanity. I feel that this notion of what technology is doing to us as humans has been ignored and lacks focus. Please join me on the first annual conference to be held in Greece, 2022,
where my goal is to analyze all accepted submissions, write a consolidation article, synthsizing knowledge in a similar fashion as a Systematic Literature Review, and publishing it as a book style (rather than proceeding - and made available free). Another goal is for the book to then be used in academia for teaching purposes as it relates to the effects of technology on humans.
PLEASE REGISTER TO SHOW INTEREST. You can then submit your article at a later date and complete registration process when you are ready.
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