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05 Feb 2023  |  INDIRE First Conference

Dear colleagues

Due to challenges with timing and logistics, such as finding high-profile keynote speakers and partners, the first inaugural INDIRE conference will take place in 2024. Apologies for this yet another postponement, but I am confident now that with COVID-19 easier to deal with, and the preparations underway, the 2024 conference will take place on June 29 to July 6. My primary goals for the conference are to obtain a commitment from high-profile guest speakers, ensure interesting and innovative presentations, and deliver to you a high-quality and fun scientific conference with lots of stimulating exchanges in an enjoyable venue. Not to mention that I insist the conference be fully face-to-face. I miss personal interaction and I am sure that you do too.

As such, I received interest from North America, Europe, China, and the private sector to participate. I need your help to encourage young graduate students to present their work and attend to interact with senior experienced faculty from around the world. Please share the link with your colleagues and students at

Anyone can attend to enjoy the presentations, learn from other people's research work and experiences, and interact with an international group of academicians and practitioners. At the same time, there will be more than 5 workshops for students, teachers, and practitioners alike. 

Please submit your articles as soon as possible. We will be processing them as they come and not in batch format. This way you can get early acceptance and enough time to plan for your next summer. Please note that all submissions are subject to peer review. 

Also, we encourage you to register as a reviewer who will benefit from a 50 euros rebate at conference registration.

I am excited about the progress and looking forward to seeing your summer 2024.


Raatat Saade

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