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10 Mar 2021  |  INDIRE Updates

It is my pleasure to announce that we have implemented an integrated similarity check system.

With this new tool, we will be able to verify for plagiarism and ensure the sustainability of our high quality peer review process and published articles. 

Let me stress that our goal with the similarity check is to provide accurate feedback to authors and help them enhance their submission by making their own work better reflected in the article. With this newly integrated tool, we will continue our aim to foster a research environment that is education-centered and continuous improvement. Awareness of issues in publishing research work is part of our process.

The tool is iThenticate. You can click on the link to view details about how it works. It will be used to verify every submission as part of the desk review step in the process. That is, if an article is to be accepted at the desk review step, then it will be verified with iThenticate. If the similarity check results are acceptable, then the article will be sent to the review process. At INDIRE, we will have two criteria to accept an article based on the similarity check: (1)  less than 20% similarity and (2) this similarity is in acceptable sections such as survey items. In any case, the results, rationale and suggestions for improvement will be communicated with the authors should their article not pass the similarity check step.

Raafat Saade, PhD



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