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Trends in digital transformation

02 Apr 2021

From exciting ideas for connected products to innovations in materials and processes, technology is impacting all aspects of manufacturing. Digital transformation has the potential to disrupt every area of operation: from practical application and infrastructure changes in systems that streamline the supply chain and increase employee and partner productivity, to visionary new customer experiences and business models. But what is the reality of digital transformation in today’s manufacturi ...


Animation of most popular websites 2013-2020

18 Sep 2020

This is a very interesting animation of website popularity over the years. The animation can be used to extract data for research purposes as well as provides valuable information on the digital innovation phenomenon.


Digital Business: It’s time for CIOs to lead or get out of the way

16 Sep 2020

This is a typical old times from dot com boom mantra: Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way. Great presentation and very informative data.


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