1st INDIRE Annual International Conference

Aug 29 - Sep 2 2023, Porto Carras, Halkidiki, Greece 

Date: September 17, 2021 

It is my pleasure to confirm that the venue for our first 2021 INDIRE annual conference will be in Porto Carras, Halkidiki, Greece. I will share with you some highlights:

5 days from Monday August 29, 2022 to Friday September 2.

Presentations, workshops, and forums.

Visit the website often as I will be adding details regularly.

All types of submissions will be accepted.

We will also accept digital talks (dtalks).

Half day yacht excursion to swim in secluded beaches, explore the area and return during sunset.

Half day visit to a famous winery and do some wine tasting.

No more than 6 presentations per day. 

We are very excited and committed to growing indire, with your support and participation. We hope to see you in Greece next year!

Stay safe!

Raafat Saade

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