1st INDIRE Annual International Conference

Jun 29 - Jul 6 2024, Chalkidiki, Greece 

Networking Connections

Mindful exchanges: A very important aspect of our conference is to connect, engage and collaborate. A cross-cutting theme of our human connections, to better understand our world and how digital innovations are changing our lives. In doing so, we learn to research and solve problems in a fair and equitable fashion.

In an effort to foster an environment conducive to meaningful networking through connecting, engaging and collaborating, we have planned the following activities:

  1. Forum in Areospace / Aviation governance - Led by the Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on unmanned Systems (JARUS).
  2. Forum on Green Aviation - Led by the International Association for Green Aviation (IAGA).
  3. Forum on The future of Education in the Digital Space - Led by Metropolitan College (MC).
  4. Forum on Student's Graduate Proposals - Showing Talent and Getting Feedback.
  5. Excursion on the Mediterranean.
  6. Excursion to a vineyard.
  7. Capacity Building Workshops.
  8. Train of NGO Trainers.

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