1st INDIRE Annual International Conference

Jun 29 - Jul 6 2024, Chalkidiki, Greece 


Jun 29
Explore and Enjoy Greece and Porto Carras.

Welcome to INDIRE 2024.

Jun 30

Day 0: Coordination Meeting

  • Organizing committee meeting
  • Chair's meeting

Jul 1

Day 1: Presentations 

  • Starting at 9 am
  • Plenary, orientation and conference keynote speaker.
  • Participating in 8 presentations out of 24 for the day.
  • Attend a workshop and engage in a forum.
  • There will be 3 conference rooms hosting 3 different interest groups (Tracks).
  • Good luck and enjoy, to all presenters.

Jul 2

Day 2 - Presentations

  • Participate and engage in 5 presentations out of 15 total for the day.
  • Strengthening connections with your old and new INDIRE conference colleagues.
  • Participate in workshops.
  • Engage in forums.

Jul 3

Day 3 - Presentations

  • Participate and engage in 3 presentations out of 9 total for the day.
  • Continue the dialogue with your INDIRE colleagues.
  • Strengthening our capabilities fo divergent thinking, cross-disciplinary fertilization, generating ideas, challenging assumptions, and creativity. 
  • Build capacity, and continue your professional development by participating in more workshops.

Jul 4

Day 4 - Closing Ceremonies

  • Plenary Session.
  • Award ceremonies.
  • Planning INDIRE 2025.
  • Professional Family Photo

Jul 5

Seminar - Strategic Framework to Publishing your Research Work

Bring your draft article to work on it while we mentor you to take it to top quality.

Also, meeting of the board of governors and editorial board.

Jul 6

Seminar - All Day Seminar on ePedagogy in Higher Education

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