Journal of Aviation Digital Economy and Management - Case Studies (ADEM-CS)


Case Studies in Aviation Digital Economy and Management is double blind peer-reviewed. It accepts any type of practical studies surrounding the digital economy and relevant to the aviation sector. The focus is on the digital economy’s influences on civil aviation businesses, customers, educational institutions, governments, regulatory bodies, and society as a whole.

We accept all types of case studies: Empirical, qualitative, quantitative, data analytics and intelligence, position paper, appraisal, assessment, and observational, etc.. Submissions can also have any business or management perspective. We encourage inter-disciplinary work and divergent thinking.

All submissions undergo similarity verification and boudle blind peer-review by other practitioners. Our goal is to share our experiences around the world in an attempt to provide a structured and systematic support to the international aviation professionals.


Goods and services today reach customers through increasingly sophisticated digital channels, involving continuously evolving people and processes across the globe and supported by continually innovating with digital technologies. The digitization of the global economy is one of the most significant advances in terms of impact on people, businesses, and governments alike. 

The aviation sector is transforming the fundamental nature of its business to adapt to the changing behaviour of its customers. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how concepts such as the sharing economy, Big Data, Internet of Things, and social networks, and technologies such as Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies, Business Analytics, Cloud computing, and mobile communications create value in the aviation sector.

To that effect, we aim to provide herein an outlet for practitioners to share their experiences via a case study approach.



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