Editorial Guidelines

Submit any format

In here we present a summary of the editorial expectations and a resources list that we would update regularly. More details can be found in the journal's web page.

Formatting an article to a journal's specifications takes a lot of effort. We are cognizant of this and would like to see your work for its value, quality and relevance. Therefore, new submission may be written with any formatting style, keeping - you just need to be consistent in your formatting. For example, you can use single column, 14pts size first headers, and borders of 1 inch from all sides as long as they are the same throughout your document.

You would need to submit your manuscript as a single Word file to be used in the refereeing process. All your images, and tables and other captions should be in the right place within your document. Your submission in word format allows us to number all lines for ease of referencing during the reviewing process.

Only when your paper is at the revision stage, will you be requested to put your paper into our 'formatting style'. We also provide paid services for formatting and editing your article when accepted.

Final Formatting

All INDIRE journals and conferences article format follow the American Psychological Association, APA with minor changes, as listed below. From the journal's website you will be able to find information of sample template which you can use to copy and paste your text into the required formt.

In general, you can use the following as your primary style:

  • Font: Sans serif - Calibri 11-point, Arial 11 point; Serif Times New Roman 12 point (those fonts are good because they are legible, widely available, and include special characters.
  • Title: Bold size 18
  • Headers:
    • Level 1: Size 16 Bold
    • Level 2: Size 14
    • Level 3: Size 12
  • Tables: Caption number the table in sequence starting from 1, on top of table with no spacing with the table, Size 11, bold, left aligned, ending with a full-stop.
  • Figures: Same at tables but underneath of the figure.
  • Biography: Make sure that your biography and your photo in your profile is up to date. This information will be used to insert at the end of your article.
  • References: See formatting as per the latest APA referencing guidelines.
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