Leveraging Juncao Technology to Enhance Food Security & Sustainable Agricultural Development in Fiji: Mushroom Farming

Shengjun Zhang, Besan Barhoumeh, Diana Akisa, Jyoti Gaur
Journal of Digital Innovation for Humanity  •  Next Generation Case Competition  •  Volume 5 (2024)  •  pp. 1-5   FEATURED ARTICLE
After working with team members from four countries, we finally decided to promote sustainable development in Fiji by growing edible fungi such as mushrooms in Fiji through Juncao (fungi grass) technology. From the project background reasons, feasibility study, risk assessment, the current application of AI technology, project impact and other aspects, this paper has carried on a more in-depth elaboration of the plan.
Juncao (fungi grass) Technology, Fiji, Sustainable Development, Case Competition.
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