Streamlining Denmark’s Immigration Process

Fareed Shatara, Anna Thai, Wenjun Zeng
Journal of Digital Innovation for Humanity  •  Next Generation Case Competition  •  Volume 5 (2024)  •  pp. 1-10   FEATURED ARTICLE
Denmark, known for its high happiness index, faces challenges associated with an aging population and labor shortages, particularly in sectors like construction. This paper explores potential solutions within its innovative landscape and the government's positive policy environment for AI. Key stakeholders to consider in the analysis include the immigrant and resident workforce, hiring companies, government institutions, and local communities. Potential solutions include policies to attract foreign immigrants and innovative strategies to address economic growth and social security. Possible country partners and AI tools are suggested to aid in addressing labor shortages, with an emphasis on construction workers. The proposed AI solution, an AI-powered chatbot named Ella, aims to provide accurate in-formation to potential immigrants and streamline the immigration application process. The implementation plan, business model, and alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals are outlined. The solution is expected to reduce repetitive queries, contributing to economic growth by increasing the construction workforce. The paper concludes with a discussion on the potential impact of AI on immigration services, emphasizing efficiency, data support for policy-making, and personalized services. Future considerations include the expansion of AI capabilities, such as voice assistance and cultural support, to enhance the overall immigration experience in Denmark.
Denmark, Aging population, Labour shortage, Construction industry, AI-powered chatbot, political environment
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