The Need for a Journal of Digital Innovation for Humanity - JDIH

Raafat George Saadé
Journal of Digital Innovation for Humanity  •  Volume 1 (2020)  •  pp. 001-021

This article presents the results of reviewing journal outlets where research in digital innovation and transformation are published. Our aim is to make the case for a much-needed journal dedicated research and practice in the digital innovation / transformation and human / humanity sphere.

Digital innovation has become part of our daily lives whether we are aware of it or not. Over 4 billion people are using blockchain, IoT, cloud computing, mobile technologies, social media and artificial intelligence, yet very little is understood of their effects on humans. Research in this area is relatively scarce and dispersed across diverse types of journals. The few articles published in the area of digital innovation and humanity provide just a hint on the importance of the subject matter. Ultimately, we need to understand what technology is for humans. Is the digitalization phenomenon a utopia or a dystopia? What we really need is a truly human-centered transformation of digital innovation.

The Publish and Perish literature search desktop application and Google search engine were used to identify journals that have published in the area of digital innovation with a focus on humanity. SCIMAGO was used to understand the subject area clusters of these journals.

There is relatively little research in the digital innovation and humanity arena. Articles are scarce and dispersed over a diversified range of journal subject areas. Only two journals are concentrated on publishing research in the area of digital innovation. No journals were found in humanity and digital innovation.

In this article, we stress the need for a journal in digital innovation and humanity as an outlet for the work of researchers, practitioners, and educators. The article inaugurates the first paper for the journal. The journal will act as an outlet for researchers, practitioners, and educators and provide a forum for knowledge sharing and collaboration with the ultimate goal of improving human quality of life.

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