Digital Innovation & Transformation Opportunities for Researchers & Practitioners – A Structured Literature Review & Proposed Model

Raafat George Saadé
Journal of Digital Innovation for Humanity  •  Volume 1 (2020)  •  pp. 022-074   FEATURED ARTICLE

Although the latest review on digital innovation was made in 2018 (included articles up to 2017), the purpose of this study is to explore and examine opportunities for research in digital innovation and transformation for both researchers (including graduate students) and practitioners. A conceptual model is proposed.

Digital innovation is omnipresent today, as it has penetrated deep into the structure and psyche of individuals, communities, organizations, institutions and governments. We find ourselves in a quagmire of opportunities risks and uncertainties, where ubiquitous technological interconnectedness form a new paradigm enabling industry to innovate and grow. All humanity is faced with these disruptive digital pressures. Yet, relatively there is little research done. Unfortunately, a coordinated effort for such a seriously important phenome-non does not exist.

A structured literature review approach was conducted, the results of which were used for a qualitative approach, using nVivo, to extract insights and understanding.

This study identifies the extent of research done in the different areas of digital innovation and transformation and puts the results into perspective. Scholarly research is scarce, dispersed and diverse, lacking any direction or cohesion. Research on transformation is more than innovation and in both cases those that study their relationships with human or society are a handful. A conceptual model is proposed by integrating knowledge gained from the literature, the integral theory and the concept of impact assessment.

This study shows that the integration of human agency digital innovation research and practice is primary. Researchers and practitioners can use the conceptual model to help them expand and extend their work.

Review  |  Digital innovation transformation, Human, Structured literature review.
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