The Community Developers' Role in the Development of an Inclusive Society

Sreeni K R
International Journal of Community Development and Management Studies  •  Volume 6 (2022)  •  pp. 001-017

The study looks at how community developers (CD) work in society. It also define their role to educate members to change their mindsets in order to bring social and economic change by eliminate dependency and become self-sufficient.

The role of community developers (CD) is to build an inclusive society where a cross-section of society benefits. It is an action to transform people’s socioeconomic situation by sustainable means, not just to develop individuals. Community development is a social learning process in general where community members are brought together to take collective action and generate solution to common problem in villages that provide food security and nourish local requirements and enable all people to participate in social, economic, cultural and political life on the basis of equality of rights, equity and dignity.

Exploratory research methodology has been used to explore the role of Social Worker or Community Developers to improve the life of communities in rural India. The paper is based on personal experience working in various Indian states to analyses the new wave of social/public service that is affecting the lives of India’s weaker sections.

Overall, findings of this study suggest that:
-Community workers serve as a vital link between families and village development activities.
-Social workers empower both themselves and their communities.
-Involvement in day-to-day activities empowers the members.
-Community workers can help marginalized people to tackle their problems.

Community developers play an important role in society's growth by fostering the development of new leaders and encouraging transformational reforms through which entire community became stronger. CD's passion and commitment to the village's development efforts are critical to the project's success. As a result, the process entails working with individuals in groups, programs that focus on women's empowerment and that assist the most disadvantaged members of society in achieving economic and social gains. Community development entails learning from others rather than pushing one's own beliefs on the rest of society. Important steps can be taken if CD can create a vision for the development of the villages in which he or she is involved that is accepted and communicated to the masses and stems from a collective agreement and provides equal opportunity for all people; respect and tolerance for other opinions, ideas, and values; promotes people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and religions to participate in local production; and continues to work on sustainable models. It is critical to foster a common purpose among all members of society, including involvement from all sectors. The program must be built on the village economy sustaining itself at a lower level of income, resulting in youth and women's employment, increased productivity, and a robust village economy.

Case Study  |  Community developer; Social worker; inclusive society; village economy; gender equality.
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