The Existence Value of Brand Ambassadors: A Perspective study on Chinese Consumers

Eyden Samunderu, Yifan Xiang
International Journal of Community Development and Management Studies  •  Volume 6 (2022)  •  pp. 019-056

This study aims to verify the existence of a significant perception difference between two consumer groups in China towards the use of celebrity endorsement.

Through an online questionnaire survey investigating 212 consumers across the Chinese market, this study found that there is no significant difference between these two groups’ perceptions towards celebrity endorsement, indicating an advanced way of understanding media coverage and public opinions in the Chinese market.

To better find out the perceptions of the newly targeted young consumers and the already existing middle-class customer base, it was necessary to collect quantitative data expressed in numbers. This was appropriate to cover a large number of samples across different areas in the Chinese market, and generalized knowledge could be achieved based on this. Primary data were collected by the author of this study through a self-administered online survey, in which every participant answered the questions without any intervention from the researcher from the beginning to the end.

The non-existence of significant difference of the perceptions between premium brands’ newly targeted consumers, the young consumer group, and their already existing consumers, the middle-class consumer group, towards young entertainment star’s endorsement clearly answered the first research question, and, meanwhile, filled the research gap found and explained in the literature review.

This research demonstrated that the BMW China’s way of hiring a young entertainment star was actually wining on both sides. This celebrity endorsement successfully helped to attract young consumers’ attention and increased the brand exposure.

Original Research (Quantitative)  |  Brand management, brand equity, celebrity endorsement, social media marketing
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