The Impact of Emotional Toll and People of Color (POC) Spaces on the Experiences of Black University Students

Lys-Frédéricke Evenou
International Journal of Community Development and Management Studies  •  Black in Quebec - Exploring Black experiences in health, justice, education and employment  •  Volume 7 (2023)  •  pp. 001-012

This article explores how studying in a white educational setting acts as motivation for Black people to engage in Black spaces.

When considering the impact of being Black in white educational spaces and the additional effort that is required of these students just for being there, it is important to examine the strategies employed to resist and cope with the challenges faced.

Data was collected over a 2-month period using a quantitative online survey with Qualtrics. 52 (n = 52) Black university students currently enrolled in a Canadian university were surveyed. To analyze the data, a mix of descriptive statistics, regression analysis and ANOVA were used.

The data reveals that emotional toll is an important factor to consider when talking about attending white educational spaces. Moreover, the study points to how emotional toll plays a part in the motivation of Black students to seek out Black/ People of Color (POC) spaces.

This study along with the underrepresentation of Black students in academe, and the challenges they face while attending these educational settings provides an insightful look into the experiences of Black students.

Original Research (Quantitative)  |  White institutions; Black students; emotional labour; People of Color (POC) spaces; resistance.
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