The Power of Mentoring Black CEGEP and University Students

Audrey Sika Mvibudulu-Feruzi
International Journal of Community Development and Management Studies  •  Black in Quebec - Exploring Black experiences in health, justice, education and employment  •  Volume 7 (2023)  •  pp. 013-028

This article takes a deep dive into the positive and long-lasting effects of mentoring Black CEGEP and college students through an autoethnographic approach where I share my life experience relating to mentoring and representation. In my attempts to relate to and understand the educational pathways of Black students in Quebec and the United States, I conducted a deep dive into my educational journey since I have experience being a student in both education systems.

The hypothesis for this text is that Black persons who receive continuous mentoring throughout their CEGEP and college careers have a higher chance of graduating college and attending a graduate studies program than those who do not receive mentoring.

The use of autoethnography as a qualitative research method arose to create a connection between my educational experience, the state of many Black students in Quebec’s educational system and the possibility of what their lives could become if matched with caring mentors. The use of autoethnography allowed me to deeply self-reflect on the intersections between my educational pathway without and with mentoring and the current research findings regarding the trend of Black students who do not receive consistent mentoring.

Regarding the educational pathway and experience of Black students in Montreal, there is a recurring theme—the lack of grace and communication of options for the future regarding Black students. This paper will deeply dive into the subject.

The power of mentoring has been linked to self-efficacy and retention. There are clear benefits to creating mentoring programs to help CEGEP and university students learn leadership skills, get acquainted with post-secondary education, and fall in love with the continuous journey of academic and personal growth and elevation.

Original Research (Qualitative)  |  Representation, student success, mentoring
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