“Family Medicine Needs to Be a lot more Family Medicine” – Healthcare Experiences of Black Anglophone Montrealers

Nikita Boston-Fisher
International Journal of Community Development and Management Studies  •  Black in Quebec - Exploring Black experiences in health, justice, education and employment  •  Volume 7 (2023)  •  pp. 029-038

The purpose of this study was to explore the healthcare experiences of Black anglophone Montrealers who use our public healthcare system.

There are many gaps when it comes to Quebec’s English-speaking Black Community (ESBC) particularly in the area of health and since this type of data is not regularly collected there is a need to find ways to understand what is going on in this community.

A qualitative approach, consisting of in-depth interviews and a focus group, was applied in order to solicit the personal experiences of the participants and thematic analysis was used to identify themes in the data set.

Community support is extremely important and valuable in the ESBC and participants believe that the quality of care has eroded in the local health system over time and it is not like it used to be. The in-depth interviews also raised issues of people being dismissed for pain and attempts to be overmedicated for mental health issues.

Black people frequently face poor outcomes on many scales. Understanding the challenges they are facing as they navigate the health system can help us come up with solutions to help them get the quality care that they need.

Original Research (Qualitative)  |  Black persons, language, health, healthcare, social support, empathy
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