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Fareed Shatara, Anna Thai, Wenjun Zeng
JDIH , Volume 5 , 2024
Denmark, known for its high happiness index, faces challenges associated with an aging population and labor shortages, particularly in sectors like construction. This paper explores potential solutions within its innovative landscape and the government's positive policy environment for AI. Key stakeholders to consider in the analysis include the immigrant and resident workforce, hiring companies, ...
Denmark, Aging population, Labour shortage, Construction industry, AI-powered chatbot, political environment

Shengjun Zhang, Besan Barhoumeh, Diana Akisa, Jyoti Gaur
JDIH , Volume 5 , 2024
After working with team members from four countries, we finally decided to promote sustainable development in Fiji by growing edible fungi such as mushrooms in Fiji through Juncao (fungi grass) technology. From the project background reasons, feasibility study, risk assessment, the current application of AI technology, project impact and other aspects, this paper has carried on a more in-depth ela ...
Juncao (fungi grass) Technology, Fiji, Sustainable Development, Case Competition.

Long Yuhan, Liu Tian Le
JDIH , Volume 5 , 2024
Ecuador's economy is primarily based on exports of oil, agricultural products and tourism. The country has faced economic challenges, including high levels of external debt and reliance on oil revenues. In recent years, Ecuador been investing in renewable energy sources, such as hydroelectric power and solar energy, to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and combat climate change. AI-based renewab ...
Renewable energy, sustainability, Ecuador

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